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What to do / test on your computer BEFORE contacting Trinity Solutions, Inc.

 For Computers:

  • For any issues with programs, try the infamous REBOOT with the computer being shut down completely and turned back on & logged back in. (Everyone's favorite!)  If the computer won't shut down, hold the power button in for 10 seconds until it powers itself off.  Give it about a minute then hit the power button again to turn it back on.

  • If the computer won’t come on, check to see if the power cord is connected firmly to the computer.  Also try plugging the power cord directly into the wall socket instead of a UPS battery backup or power strip (they do go bad as well.)  Listen for sounds and see if you see any lights on the box come on.  If they do, keep going.  If not, call us.

  • If nothing appears on the screen, check to see if the problem is with the monitor and not the computer.  Make sure the monitor cable going to the computer is screwed in tight on both the monitor and the computer.  Check the power cord on the monitor as well to make sure it’s pushed in all the way on both ends.  Also, if the monitor is working, when you turn on the computer, you should at least see the computer trying to boot up with words coming on the screen and Windows loading.  If you don’t see anything like this when booting up, then the monitor is most likely the issue.  Try plugging in another monitor to the PC.  If same results, possible bad video card on the computer that would need to be replaced.  Call us and we can take care of it.

  • If Windows won’t boot up but the computer comes on, try tapping the F8 key repeatedly when the computer is coming on (right before the Windows loading screen starts).  A menu should appear having choices like Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking Support, etc.  Use your arrow keys and go down to the choice that says Last Known Good Configuration.  Select this one and hit the Enter key.  This will try to boot the computer back up with the settings that last worked.  Cross your fingers!

      If you can’t get on the Internet:
  • See if anyone else is having the problem around you.  If so, it’s not your PC and has something to do with Internet box / router in the office / home or the company providing Internet is having problems (cut phone / data line at the street, etc.).  Give them a call and find out if they are having problems.

  • If no one can get on the internet, reboot the Internet box / router by either turning the unit off, wait 15 seconds, and turn it back using a power switch on it or by simply unplugging the power cord from the unit from the wall and then plugging it back up.  If you have two boxes allowing you to access the Internet, unplug both of them for a minute and plug them back up.

  • If it is just one computer that can’t access the Internet, see if that computer can access any of the drives on the server or see another computer by going to Network Places and viewing the Entire Network.  If it can, then it’s something with the settings on the PC that have become corrupted probably due to a virus.  If it can’t, then check to make sure that the network cable (big looking phone cable) that is plugged into the back of PC hasn’t come out.  You may want to disconnect / reconnect it and then reboot the PC. (Back to the favorite!)

Anything else that you experience or if these basic troubleshooting tips don’t work, you will probably need to contact us.  Hopefully we will be able to get it straight quickly and get you back to performing the work you need to do.  You can contact us at 866-800-4060 x1.  Also, when calling, ask us about remote support where we are able to fix your computer without having to come to your office or home.  This may be a lifesaver for you!

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