Social Media Marketing – Reaching Your Market Online

Your Customers are on Social Media – Are You?
You already know your customers are using social media. They are spending hours every day following their family, friends, favorite Hollywood stars, etc.

And as a business owner, you know you have a product / service that these same people could use and would benefit from IF ONLY you could get it in front of them. So why don't you?

Excuses - Sound Familiar?
Because you don't have time. You don't know how to do it. You don't know how to create the right ad. And what about the budget? What's the right amount? What if it doesn't work? What if lose money and don't get any new business?

Let Us Help
At Trinity Solutions, we know what it takes to make social media marketing successful. We work with our clients to get the right message out to the right individuals. And unlike some firms, we focus our talents primarily where your market is spending its time, Facebook. Yes, we know that we could target other platforms and offer Google Adwords, Bing, etc., but we have purposely chosen to limit our focus so we can be the best. And when the average person spends 20 minutes a day on Facebook and over half the 1.4 Billion people on Facebook look at it first thing when they get up, you realize you don't have to divert your marketing dollars to be successful.

So What Makes Us Different?
You. Your needs and unique product and services targeting a specific group of consumers. We listen to you. You tell us what success looks like and we create the plan to help you achieve it. Our team isn't using the same boilerplate plan every time hoping you get results. We are creating customized messages with strong call to actions using professional landing pages which produce sales or the collection of prospect information who truly want your business.

What Do We NOT Do?
We are not going to run your Facebook Page or Facebook Group. We won't be making posts for you or redesigning your pages. All of those are important, but it's not what we specialize in. What we DO in that area is partner with another group who we coordinate all of our efforts with so they can handle the social media outreach while we focus on the ads that are bringing people to your pages but more importantly to your business. Their services are optional but available if you want.

How Much Do We Charge?
Depends on you. We are going to recommend an Facebook Ad Budget of around $500 / month per ad. Unlike other companies, we don't recommend a huge budget and then take a percentage for ourselves. We don't believe that's ethical. Your ad monies should be used just for advertising. Our fees are flat and based on the number of ads we will be creating / managing and the number of office locations you have. We also don't do 2 - 3 year contracts, but instead 3 or 6 month contracts so you can be sure you are getting a solid return on investment.

So How Do Get Started
Call us today at 336-776-0060 and ask to speak with Andy. Andy will setup a 30 minute meeting at your location to get questions answered and generate a quote. Then, we decide what success looks like for you and start making it happen. Let's get your message on Facebook where all your new clients are waiting. Call 336-776-0060 today.