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The health care industry is in a constant state of change. You may have received your HIPAA compliance already. But how do you know that you are still HIPAA compliant today?

HIPAA Compliance has become an absolute must for medical offices, such as hospitals, surgical suites, and dental professionals. But gaining HIPAA compliance and remaining HIPAA compliant can be tedious and complex. But with fines starting at $25,000, there’s no room to guess at your level HIPAA Compliance.

Trinity Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that every part of your system is compliant with all current HIPAA regulations, as required by the US government. Our HIPAA hosting solutions are guaranteed to protect your critical health care data, electronic health-related information, and other medical records.

So, why hire Trinity Solutions for your HIPAA compliance management? Because you get advanced security technologies and sophisticated risk managing practices for all HIPAA-related computer operations.

All-in-One HIPAA Security Service

The fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to get HIPAA compliance

All the tools you need to comply!

Your Thorough HIPAA Risk Assessment

  • Advanced HIPAA risk assessment
  • Streamlined risk assessment process
    Spend just 1–2 hours working with us. Then we do the rest!
  • Additional security recommendations
  • HIPAA Compliance snapshot
  • Threats analysis / risk determination
  • Satisfy Meaningful Use Requirement
    Core Objective - Protect your electronic health information (Conduct or review a security risk assessment of your certified EHR technology.)

    Don't put those incentive payments at risk!

  • Easy-to-understand reports / work plans

Your HIPAA Security Training

  • We train your employees from day one!
  • Interesting and engaging training videos — HIPAA is boring no more!
  • HIPAA training for existing and new employees
  • Annual employee retraining
  • Regular employee compliance testing
  • Compliance reports — employee training dates and compliance testing scores
  • Employee security reminders

HIPAA Policies & Procedures

  • Proof of HIPAA compliance PLUS protected patient information!
  • Detailed policies and procedures
  • Employee access to policies and procedures
  • Videos explaining security policies
  • Easy-to-understand policies
  • Easy-to-follow procedures
  • Addresses HIPAA Security and Omnibus Rules

HIPAA Compliance Portal

  • Online access that makes complying with HIPAA easy!
  • Employee access to policies and procedures
  • Track business associates
  • Security incident response
  • Access disaster plans
  • Store contracts and documents
  • More HIPAA-related information
  • Educational videos
  • Audit "Book of Evidence"

Easy to Use

  • We do all the hard work for you!
  • Streamlined Risk Assessment — only takes about 1–2 hours to complete
  • Easy-to-understand HIPAA policies — Employees love the policy videos!
  • Light and enjoyable trainingHIPAA is boring no more!
  • Team support from day one
  • Easy HIPAA tools and templates
  • Affordable rates

$100,000 Financial Protection

  • Financial protection from fines and breach expenses!
  • HIPAA breach-related expenses
  • HIPAA violation fines
  • PCI (Credit Card) breach expenses
  • Available to Covered Entities and Business Associates
  • Available for organizations with 50 or fewer employees
  • Sleep at night knowing your protected!
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Security Incident Response

  • Fast availability for any security breach.
  • Security incident response tools
  • Required breach Risk Assessment tool
  • Breach documentation tool
  • Patient / HHS notification steps
  • Access to breach response security experts.
  • Security breach tools + financial protection = making a bad situation much better!

Track Business Associates

  • Business Associate tracking tools
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) templates
  • Upload BAAs to Compliance Portal
  • Business Associate (BA) compliance verification questionnaire — Make sure your BAs are protecting patient information!
  • We help you track Business Associates and make sure they are protecting your patient information.

HIPAA Compliance Tools

  • HIPAA regulations are complex and confusing. Our tools make complying easy!
  • Track access to servers /systems with patient Information.
  • Track CD/DVD/USB drives with patient information.
  • Track system activity reviews.
  • Termination procedure templates
  • Notice of Patient Privacy (NPP) templates
  • Emergency operations procedure templates
  • Many more tools and templates

Outstanding Customer Support

  • Truly outstanding customer support!
  • Step-by-step guidance — We are with you every step of the way!
  • Ongoing guidance and advice
  • Access to HIPAA experts
  • #1 goal — Help you with HIPAA compliance and protect your patient information!

Covered Entities &
Business Associates

  • Service for HIPAA-Covered Entities (CE) and Business Associates (BA)
  • Specialized CE and BA Risk Assessment Process
  • Specialized CE and BA Policies and Procedures
  • Specialized CE and BA Security Training

Your Reference Library

  • Need information? Have a question? We have the answer!
  • Access to articles, links, and HIPAA-related reference material
  • Curated articles on HIPAA topics
  • HIPAA whitepapers and guides
  • HIPAA videos on how to protect your patient information

And what about Pricing? Our pricing is based on the size of your organization and the number of employees. Monthly costs start at $10 per employee. Our rates are easily affordable—no matter the business.

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