Security Assessments for Small Businesses
and Corporations

When was your last security assessment?

Is your business at risk for a cyberattack, external hacking or internal intrusion?

Does your wireless internet connection leave you vulnerable?

Do you know for certain that your IT network is safe?

The only thing worse than not knowing your vulnerabilities is knowing you’re at risk and not doing anything about it. At Trinity Solutions, Inc., we take your business seriously. And we know that IT security is a top priority for our customers.

Trinity Solutions helps our clients sleep at night by providing the following eight security assessments for your small business or corporation. We’ll help you identify all risks and weaknesses, then provide a comprehensive fix for each issue.

  • Business risk assessment
  • Network vulnerability evaluation
  • IT security audit
  • Applications security testing
  • HIPAA security analysis
  • Threat assessment
  • Wireless security audit
  • ADA and compliance testing

Business Risk Assessment

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, What you don’t know won’t kill you. However, in the IT world, what you don’t know can bring your business down. And some businesses never recover. We don’t mean to scare you, but not thinking about it in this way—and in today’s computer environment—is simply living with one’s head in the sand.

Your Trinity Solutions, Inc. Risk Assessment is based on our years of experience in the IT field. We are able to identify current risks to your business as well as your potential for future risks. Our aim is to close the gap on how outside parties can infiltrate and compromise your computer system and your classified data.

We’ll take the time to describe each threat to your business—in a language that you can understand. And we’ll also prioritize each risk. So, you’ll know what order each issue needs to be addressed, from the highest priority to lowest priority. With a risk assessment and customized plan in place, you can be assured that your company will be more protected tomorrow than it is today.

Network Vulnerability Evaluation

How much would it cost your organization to be inoperable for a few hours, a day, a week or more? Your in-house IT department, while great at handling day-to-day computer issues, may have difficulty analyzing external risks. Open ports, server patches, and misconfigured fire walls can all pose a threat to your daily business operations.

The more complicated your network, the more vulnerability you may have—sometimes without knowing it. Trinity Solutions helps you identify these issues, test for vulnerabilities and false positives, and create a comprehensive report addressing all weaknesses with each recommended fix.

Our team of experts can work on-site or remotely to perform a comprehensive network scan to help identify your organization’s most critical exposures. Many of these liabilities are easy to fix. That’s why we say that a small investment up front in your network security can prevent huge headaches and larger financial losses down the line.

IT Security Audit

What IT controls do you have in place? Do you know? It’s OK if you don’t… you wouldn’t be alone. Trinity Solutions’ trained experts know how to review your IT controls and put better management in place to prevent future data and security breaches.

We can schedule your IT Security Audit either remotely or on-site. After the evaluation, we’ll sit down to discuss any findings as well as an actionable plan to better secure your company, your network, and your data.

Applications Security Testing

When creating a new software or hardware application for your operations, security can often be overlooked. Trinity Solutions wants to be sure that you aren’t unintentionally exposing sensitive information or allowing unauthorized on-site or remote access to your systems.

First, we’ll request full access to your application in order to perform testing and check for vulnerabilities. Then we will exploit the application by attempting to infiltrate or manipulate the system. Once we’ve performed our analysis, you will receive a full report of our findings plus any recommendations to further secure your application.

HIPAA Security Analysis

Trinity Solutions is the local leader in HIPAA regulation and security assessments. We keep you up to date on any changing HIPAA requirements, so you can rest at night knowing your business is fully compliant.

Many of our customers have been shocked at how little protection they have in place and how huge the fines can be for non-compliance… starting at $25,000. Can your business afford that fine without having to close your doors?

Our HIPAA Risk Assessment will focus on all of your electronic health records, medical network systems, and medical billing systems as well as HIPAA privacy rules and breach handling rules.

PLUS: Our HIPAA Security Analysis comes with $100,000 in financial protection from fines and breach expenses!

For more on how Trinity Solutions, Inc. helps you manage HIPAA regulations, please see our page on HIPAA Compliance.

Threat Assessment

Ever wonder what you would encounter in a cyberattack? Trinity Solutions’ Threat Assessment will simulate a cyberattack on your IT network systems. By replicating the conditions and possible scenarios in a cyberattack, we are able to test and eliminate internal, external, remote, and wireless intrusions.

Wireless Security Audit

Wireless connection is the way to go for most organizations today. It’s truly the best way to keep everyone connected, no matter where they are. However, despite all of the convenience, you can also provide easy access to unwanted parties.

Your Wireless Security Audit will simulate access attempts to find the weaknesses in your wireless IT network. In return, you get a full review of your network, including testing of wireless device configurations, wireless policies, and wireless topology mapping. Your Trinity Solutions comprehensive report will detail any critical risks with recommended fixes.

ADA and Compliance Testing

Is your website just as ADA compliant as the front entrance of your building?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) subchapter 3 requires that all public accommodations and services be accessible to all individuals regardless of disability. Because websites are publicly accessed, they must also follow federal standards to allow access for all persons with disabilities.

Trinity Solutions can perform ADA Compliance Testing against section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) levels A and AA. After performing both manual and automated testing of your website to pinpoint areas that don’t meet accessibility standards, we’ll provide a full report and recommendations to ensure that you are ADA compliant.

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