VOIP Phone Solutions

VOIP Phone Solutions are not new, but they are becoming critical to businesses looking to provide excellent customer service as well as giving their customers access to phone services that used to cost companies thousands of dollars.

At Trinity Solutions, we believe that VOIP is here to stay, but we also know that not every VOIP phone service provider is going to provide you with the best quality of service or helpful support when you need it. Being "popular" or producing commercials doesn't make you the best, it just means you're willing to spend money to make people think you are.

When we analyze a VOIP provider, we want to see do they offer the following:

VOIP Features should include:
• 24/7 US-Based Help Desk Support who use terms you can understand
• Incredible up-time metrics and the ability to switch to different carriers if there is an outage
• Ability to send voice mail recordings to your email
• Integrated E-Fax service at no additional cost
• Smart Phone App to allow you to make and answer your Office Extension calls from your cell.
• Top of the line phones you can purchase at a very reasonable cost
• Unlimited extensions able to connect multiple locations
• And more!

But most importantly, the VOIP Phone solution must match your needs which is why we spend plenty of time discussing how your company operates and what services you need and then, we find the right solution to fit your budget.

And while we are discussing VOIP Phone solutions, let's talk about one of the disadvantages most people think of: What if the Internet goes out? Won't my phones go down?

The answer is MAYBE. If your VOIP Phone system is mission-critical to your business, we can bring in an additional Internet provider and connect a special router to monitor both Internet lines. If one goes out, the router would automatically switch over to the other carrier. When the other one comes back on, the router switches back. We do this for companies who are dependent on their Internet for other reasons in addition to VOIP, so we can easily make the same solution available to you.

If you would like to discuss different VOIP Phone solutions and what would be right for your business, we would be happy to come to your office, see your current phone setup and answer your questions. Call us at 336-776-0060 and let Tracy know you would like to have someone discuss a VOIP Phone system solution with you. Phones are critical to being successful in business, and it's time to give your business all the advantages available using VOIP.