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First, What Are VoIP Phone Systems?

OK, so you’ve heard the term VoIP tossed around, but what is it really? And what does it mean for your business?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Rather than contracting with a traditional phone provider, VoIP operates over the internet, or through the cloud, for all of your standard phone needs and services.

  • Phone calls
  • Faxes
  • SMS
  • Texting
  • Voice messaging
  • Mobile devices

You can still use your desktop handsets, headsets, and all internal and external devices. The difference is that your phone connection is now handled through the cloud rather than through traditional land lines.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Services

Small and large businesses can benefit from these great advantages to installing VoIP phones.

  • Lower costs – can save up to 40%!
  • Better phone service
  • Improved conference calling
  • Save HUGE on international calling – may even be FREE!
  • Enhanced call routing
  • Add virtual phone numbers
  • No on-site equipment – free up space!
  • No maintenance or repairs
  • Portability - full phone function anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Share one communication system with remote workers
  • Automatic phone system upgrades
  • Can eliminate a receptionist or assign to other tasks
  • Low-risk, pay as you go

Why Your Business Needs a VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone Systems are a tried-and-true approach to today’s business phone solutions. And more than ever, VoIP is becoming critical to businesses looking to…

  1. Provide top-notch customer service at an affordable rate AND
  2. Gain access to phone services that used to cost much bigger companies thousands of dollars.

At Trinity Solutions, we know that VoIP is here to stay. It has been a staple to the phone functions of corporate companies. And it is now the go-to phone solution for today’s established businesses and start-ups.
However, not every VoIP phone service provider is going to offer the best quality of service or helpful support when you need it. Being "popular" or pouring big bucks into producing commercials doesn't make you the best. It just means you're willing to spend money to make people think you are.

We don’t want you to take a risk while upgrading to a new technology. When Trinity Solutions analyzes a VoIP provider, we want to ensure that they offer the essential services our clients want.

Most importantly, your VoIP Phone solution must match your needs, which is why we spend plenty of time discussing how your company operates and what services you need. Then we find the right solution to fit your company’s needs and budget.

VOIP Must-Have Features

  • 24/7/365, US-Based Help Desk Support that uses terms you can understand
  • Incredible up-time metrics
  • Capacity to switch carriers if there is an outage
  • Ability to send voicemail recordings direct to your email
  • Integrated E-Fax service at no additional cost
  • Smart Phone App that allows you to make and answer your Office Extension calls from your cell phone
  • Top-of-the-line phones you can purchase at a very reasonable cost
  • Unlimited extensions able to connect multiple locations
  • And more!

VoIP Makes Sense for Today’s Businesses

In our digital world, residences and business are less reliable on landlines. Everyone is operating digitally both inside and outside of their businesses. That means we need a different phone solution than was used with traditional land lines.

With every passing year, VoIP is enhanced with new features that make it a hands-down upgrade to older phone systems. Businesses that delay switching to VoIP Phone Services find it increasingly difficult to maintain their existing (old) analog phone systems. And as time passes, fewer people—and parts—will be available for maintenance and repairs. Repair costs will rise as well. It’s similar to continuing to use an outdated version of Microsoft Office… no support and no new features.

Now is the best time to make the switch from analog phones to a newer, more versatile VoIP Phone System. When considering these factors, VoIP makes economic sense. And when compared to your older phone system, VoIP is more efficient and improves productivity. It’s an investment in your business that’s well worth your time.

VoIP Phone Systems: Myth vs. Fact

We already know what you’re thinking. Because we’ve been asked this question every time: What if the internet goes down? Won't my phones go down too?

The answer is… MAYBE.

If your VoIP Phone System is mission-critical to your business, Trinity Solutions offers a back-up option. We can bring in an additional internet provider and connect a special router to monitor both of your internet lines. If one internet line goes out, the router will automatically switch to your secondary carrier. And when your main internet provider is fully functional, the router switches back.

We do this for companies that are dependent on their internet for other reasons in addition to VOIP. So, we can easily make the same solution available to you!

It’s Time to Take the First Step…

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